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Space Time Continuum


Was there ever a Big Bang?

Was there a start point for the evolution of our universe? Science thinks there was and they refer to that as the Big Bang theory, but is this really what happened?

Because life as we know it on the physical plane has a beginning and an end, it seems logical that the universe in which we live must also have had a beginning and will one day have

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History in context


Adding the concepts of the Yugas, Astrology and Axial Precession

As I have so often said, we know very little about our history and the history that we think we know has been purposefully written to glamorise certain individuals and conceal unpleasant truths.

The idea of the time period referred to as a ‘yuga cycle’ has existed within Indian culture for thousands of years and interest about it only surfaced in the West when modern science

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Does History Matter?


Why should you care?

To some history matters and to others it doesn’t. For some who are completely content, all that matters is this moment but for those who feel uncertain about the nature and purpose of life, they look to history for clues and reasons for our existence.

In examining our history, the field of archaeology has developed. But this is not an exact science and the results of all our archaeological excavations and

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Heaven and Hell


A Reward for service or Eternal Punishment

In the Christian and Islamic traditions, the idea of heaven is like the carrot tied to a stick held in front of a horse – no matter how hard or fast the horse walks, it can never reach the carrot. Conversely, the idea of hell is the stick or incentive to make you carry on.

Sometimes we wish life could be more heavenly.. or just a little easier, but

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An ideology disguised as a religion

An Islamic saying; ‘The words of the scholar are more valuable than the deaths of martyrs’. This is an interesting line in context with all the crime, rape and killing this going on all around the world in the name of Islam. Those who believe in Islam are referred to as Moslems.

Islam is supposedly a religion based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad who lived in

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Origins of Religion

Tracing the origins of human thought

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It seems probable, despite theological cavils, that Petronius was right in his signal saying, Fear first made the Gods. In the words of a recent hierologist, “we may be sure that primitive man took to himself the credit of his successful attempts to work the mechanism of nature for his own advantage, but when the machinery did not work he ascribed

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Moses – Man or Myth?

The Father of Judaism or a fictional character?

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The histories continue to put Moses from about 1300 – 1800BC, however there is no archaeological evidence to support his existence and it is possible that a man with a similar name took a small group of followers into Sinai and those beliefs may have eventually made their way to Canaan, however modern archaeology and genetics clearly defines the modern Israeli and Palestinian

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Belief – A Redundant Idea

As we think so we become.

Beliefs are the thoughts and convictions that we generally hold to be true, they are ideas without substance having no actual proof or evidence.  Beliefs may contribute to or hinder our development and understanding of the world and who we are.

The greatest problem for humanity is that no one knows But the greatest hangup is that people feel the need to know and We

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The parent of Judaism and Christianity

Zoroastrianism is an offshoot of Vedanta.

The Concept of One God

Zoroastrianism is uniquely important in the history of religion because of its formative links to both Western and Eastern religious traditions. In the opinion of Mary Boyce, as “the oldest of the revealed credal religions”, Zoroastrianism “probably had more influence on mankind directly or indirectly than any other faith”.

It seems clear that Zoroastrianism and Vedanta have

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The Buddhist Path Explained

Dispelling ignorance

If one seeks happiness in this or any other life, the talk below provides a foundation for understanding Buddhism.

An Introduction to Buddhism with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama:



Foundations of Hinduism

Vedanta is a collection of esoteric stories to give people insight into the nature of life so that they may better live in accord with life. Vedanta also contains formula or maps with which individuals can journey in consciousness to know the absolute nature of reality.

It is more traditionally referred to as (Vedanta or Uttara Mīmāṃsā) being one of six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. The term veda means “knowledge”

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A pillar of Indian philosophy

Introduction to Samkya

Regarded as one of the oldest philosophical systems in India and also known as Sankhya, Sāṃkhya, or Sāṅkhya or सांख्य  in Sanskrit, 数论 in simplified Chinese, 數論 in traditional Chinese and  Shùlùn in pinyin. Samkhya is one of the six schools of classical Indian thought believed to have been founded by the Sage Kapila, although no historical verification is possible.

Samkhya was one of the

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The teachings of Siddhartha Gautama

Buddha Image

Siddhartha Gautama was born in north India (now Nepal) about some 600 – 1200 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth date has been contentious. Many modern scholars generally put the time of his birth or enlightenment as between 300 and 500BC. The exact date is not known, but Indian scholars generally put the date of his birth as early as 1200 BC.

Earlier date are

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Right living

Dharma is described as a noun meaning to live by the eternal law of the cosmos that is inherent in the very nature of things.

For many people, this may be too much of a stretch of the imagination, but I can be redefined as living in accord or in harmony with nature.

The idea of Dharma arises from Yoga and Hinduism because the ancient yogis were able to identify and relate with

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